50 years experience in illuminations

Chromex has over 50 years of history, providing creativity, service, technology and simplicity every time!

Saint Maurice

1943 | Creation of the family business Chromex by Mr. Durand in Le Mans, France. Manufacturing of heating blankets

1960 | Design and manufacturing of outdoor illumination garlands (B22 garlands)

1982 | Strong growth in the production of Christmas lights

1990 | Sale of Chromex lighting products in supermarkets

1996 | Chromex becomes a pioneer of the sustainable development as it creates and markets LED garlands

La Chapelle Saint Aubin

1998 | Presentation of the new collections at the international exhibition for illuminations (Light & Building)

1999 | Chromex obtains an ISO 9002 certification for all of its activities

2002 | Merger of Leblanc Illuminations and Chromex. Trademarks are retained and a new company is born: LCX - Leblanc Chromex

2003 | LCX celebrates the 60 years of the Chromex brand

2005 | The brands Leblanc Illuminations and Chromex are brought together in Le Mans, France


2008 | LCX Leblanc Chromex becomes the LCX Group. Chromex launches exclusively the RGB LED curtain, a combination of technology with multiple graphic effects (scrolling animated text, changing colours, colour fades, animated shapes)

2009 | Launch of the Ceiling Lights Branche Maxi Brightness LED®, equipped with the Plug & Light® technology and extendable to 49m

2010 | Chromex revolutionizes the world of lighting and releases its new range ECODECOR®, a quality environmental design with modular flexibility at the best price